Team AKA is a professional Martial Arts team that travels around the world to defend their individual titles as World Champions.
Since its launch in 1996, the team has earned the reputation of one of the most prestigious teams in sport karate. This team was designed with the goal of molding new students with great potential into true champions.

With alumni Craig Henningsen and Chris Brewster, the team soon began to involve other competitors from Sharkey’s Karate. Their prestigious alumni roster of great martial artists includes Mike Chat, Matt Mullins, Suzanne Wancket, Matt Bowles, Brendon Huor, Micah Karns, Justin Chang, and Mickey Facchinello, among others.

The team's goal is to maintain a family-like atmosphere, and members believe in remaining loyal to the team’s individual competitors.

AKA Sideswipe has traveled the world performing for U.S. troops in trips to Naval bases in Japan, Guam, Cuba, Italy, Okinawa, and many other locations.

Though they have found popularity in entertainment spheres, Team AKA is careful not to lose sight of its traditional martial arts roots. Team AKA members regularly participate in a variety of community programs and charity functions.